Oral- is a brand which has been in the top draw of the toothbrush scene since a very long time. Today, the brand boasts of some of the best innovative and efficient toothbrushes that can execute the projected task with precision and quality performance. There are quite a lot of Smart Toothbrush which can deliver the required level of services. Out of the many there are some which stands out in almost every sector.

This can include the Professional Care 100, 3000 and 5000. All of these models feature great power which helps in removing the plagues as efficiently as possible. The Smart Professional Care 1000 model is a rechargeable electric toothbrush which has the capability to perform on a level that is as high as any other top quality electric toothbrushes. It is quite comfortable and can be used to clean areas where it is normally very difficult to reach.

Besides, it also features a waterproof handle and come with three different brush heads namely, precision clean, sensitive and inter-space power tip. The Professional Care 3000 is also regarded by many people to be one of the best Smart electric toothbrushes and quite rightly so. In addition to being a strong performer, this rechargeable toothbrush offers the users three brush modes along with six numbers of brush heads.

The next among the presumably best Smart electric toothbrushes can be the Triumph Professional Care 5000. By being a highly rated toothbrush by the British Dental Health Foundation for superior plague removal this model includes a ton of features mostly unavailable in many other similar toothbrushes. For instance, it has a triple action pressure control system, a wireless digital smart guide, timer, pressure alert, six interchangeable brush heads, and so on.

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