Kim Dao is an outstanding YouTuber, blogger, and social media influencer who have worked with many brands and are well-known for her passion and experience about any subject related to makeup, fashion, and travel. She’s a citizen of Australia who studied Japanese and psychology. While receiving a diploma from the University of Western Australia, Kim starts her blogging career in serious after making a movie of her first visit to Japan in 2011.

Despite the fact that the Kim Dao Blog was originated as something of a digital reminder for her first visit to Japan, it swiftly gained traction to all the readers looking for an entertaining and enlightening supply about drifting to the country where Dao now lives. As soon as she comprehends the blog’s possible, she enlarged the sites at ease to include information regarding some of her favorite subjects, most particularly fashion, makeup, travel, and popular culture.

As the audience developed at an exponential pace, Kim became progressively more active on social networking platforms and started creating YouTube videos to interact with her audiences in every way possible. Owing to her enormous popularity across several digital platforms, Kim had the opportunity to work with many notable brands and has been attributed by Japanese television station and Australian media organizations also.

Where did the idea for Kim Dao Blog come from? The Kim Dao Blog setup as means through which she could record her first visit to Japan. She says it depends on where I’m working or with whom I am working, but I habitually begin my day by conversing with my followers in my different social media platforms. This allows me to get the thoughts of what they prefer to see in a video or to read in a blog post which makes it effortless to get ready for the rest of my day.

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